Stephen King’s IT: Iconic Moments

Stephen King’s IT is an ideal Christmas-time film about a friendly clown who offers children candy floss and balloons in return for eternal suffering. Here are some of its most iconic moments.

Georgie and Pennywise have a pleasant chat

The most iconic moment from Stephen King’s IT arguably comes at the beginning of the film, when Little Yellow Riding Hood chases his paper HMS Victory through the flooded streets of his hometown. He follows it into the gutter, where Tim Curry lives. Georgie knows better than to talk to stranger scum, especially ones who dress up as clowns and lure you into the sewer with balloon animals, but children are idiots. And he really wants that boat back. He is then pulled into the drain where he is destined to stay forever, clipping Tim Curry’s toenails.

Beverly makes a mess in the bathroom

Beverly’s sink having a heavy period explosion is easily the most horrific moment in the film. She thought she could hear a Borrower stuck in the drain, but upon inspection she is blasted by a bloody belch, which erupts from the porcelain like front bottom diarrhoea. Worst of all, her parents can’t even see the carnage, so she’s forced to clean up the shredded pieces of womb lining and dead foetuses without even being thanked.

Pennywise reveals his true form

When the characters return to the town 27 years later, they find themselves in yet another showdown with Tim Curry. This time, however, he reveals himself to be a demonic spider plant thing that failed an audition for Starship Troopers. Clearly a misunderstood creature, he screeches in pain as the now adults brutally murder him. It’s a sad ending to an otherwise joyous film.

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