Summer blockbusters of 2016 (montage)

Remember all those life-changing blockbusters you saw over the summer this year? Me neither. But you don’t need to, because Amon Warmann has put a bunch of them together in his 2016 montage. You can sit back and say things like ‘Oh yeah, that came out this year’ and ‘Man, that film was fucking shit’. I also noticed that I’ve reviewed most of the films in the video, so I’ve placed a couple of links below to remind you of the trauma. Happy New Year.


Captain America: Civil War review – A cosplay event that’s got out of hand

The Jungle Book in 4DX – Absolutely terrifying

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice review – A brilliant romantic comedy

X-Men: Apocalypse review

The Nice Guys review

Warcraft review

Now You See Me 2 review

Independence Day: Resurgence review

The Legend of Tarzan review

Ghostbusters review – Definitely not sexist

Star Trek Beyond review

Jason Bourne review

Suicide Squad review

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